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Wrap up of Wolf & Co Quarterly Healthcare Roundup

A quick shout-out to Ryan and Mike over at Wolf & Co.

I had a great morning last Wednesday with Ryan Rodrigue & Michael Kanarellis from Wolf & Co.  They held a roundtable discussion group on IT security for healthcare providers.  There were some heavy hitters in the room.  Ryan did a great job presenting info on data risks (breaches, threats, trends, and more) in healthcare and opening the floor for all of us to share.  Mike brought some real-world situations to the table (without mentioning names) that made even me think “Yipes!”.

As I listened to the group, one of the things that disappointed me is how much these CISO’s and CIO’s have to deal with the regulatory mandates.  I am not suggesting that we reduce all regulations, but I’d like to think that the smart people in the room with me that day have more of their business figured out than a regulator with a checklist.  Many seemed to feel that there was more they could do to protect data but were being held back because of different, sometimes competing, rules from the FDA, OCR, and state agencies.

All for all, it was a great discussion…. at times intense with questions, problems, and emotion (no, there was not crying).  If you are the CISO of a medical facility, you may want to attend.  Me? I am already looking forward to the next one.

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