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“The Lorenzi ROAR solution has provided tremendous insight into the performance and productivity of departmental personnel. Potential issues are identified timely and objectively, giving the leadership team the ability to address concerns before they escalate. I recommend the ROAR solution for any business leader looking to improve performance and reduce risk.”

Steve Biles, Director of Customer Services
Independence Medical, formerly Invacare Supply Group

“I have partnered with the Lorenzi Group for more than five years, and used their services in connection with a number of clients. The Lorenzi Group has always provided valuable insight in a timely fashion.”

John D. Colucci, Esq., CPA
McLane, Graf, Raulerson, & Middleton

“I have the opportunity to work with the Lorenzi group on several cases involving E-discovery. Thanks to their analytics, expertise, and perseverance we uncovered the destruction of electronic evidence. Lorenzi group was able to easily explain complex and technical issues with clarity.”

Lisa Hall, Esq., Attorney
Upton & Hatfield

“The Lorenzi Group is responsive and professional. The clients we represent using the Lorenzi Group’s products are able to identify employee issues sooner and address them. It has been an effective way to keep employees happy, focused and productive. As an HR professional, the ROAR reports are set up to identify issues with a quick look. The detail that that is generated is an asset when terminating, fighting unemployment, or a lawsuit. My job would be easier and our clients safer if all were using this product.”

Laurie LaBrie, President
PHR Integrated Human Resources, Inc.

“Rob Fitzgerald and his team are proven experts in the field of digital forensics with a unique ability to turn complex data into tangible and actionable information. Our partnership with The Lorenzi Group was a smart decision”

Mark Farmer, COO
Lincoln Design Solutions

“I had used several other forensics until I discovered Lorenzi Group some years ago, and since then they’re the only ones I use. They’re fast, affordable, energetic, truly engaged in your matter. They speak plain English—not electronic technobable that you can’t understand and end up paying a fortune for—only to find you didn’t get the essential item you’ve searched for.”

Nicholas P. Alexander, Esq., Partner
Furman Gregory Deptula

“The Lorenzi Group does excellent digital forensics work!”

Joseph L. Orszulak, Esq., Partner
Marks, O’Neill, O’Brien, Doherty & Kelly

“From an HR and data security perspective, Lorenzi ROAR has been incredibly beneficial. Not only has ROAR been able to identify risks, the information ROAR provides helps us with fairly tracking performance and documenting issues. I would recommend ROAR for any business that is interested in protecting data and/or measuring employee performance.”

Jason Maxwell, President
MassPay Payroll Services

“I have only worked with Lorenzi once and based upon that experience alone I recommend them to any attorney who is seeking expert assistance with data recovery, digital forensics, etc.”


David F. Segadelli, Esq., Attorney
Law Offices of David F. Segadelli