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Do you like getting raises? Let employers search.

What’s the big deal about employers scanning data? Continuous monitoring creates stronger teams, happier employees, and safer work environments. If you like raises, start embracing data security.

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eDiscovery is dead! Long live eDiscovery!

The eDiscovery market is in a bubble. Customers are about to be left “holding the bag”if they don’t manage their vendors correctly. How did we get here and what can be done about it?

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ROAR Provides Peace of Mind in Digital Enviroments

What are Insider Threats? Insider threats go beyond data loss: 1. Direct financial loss. 2 Theft or impairment of intellectual property 3. Compromise of customer data leading to brand damage 4. Lost productivity and misused resources 5. Exposure to legal risk and liability 6. Creation of a hostile work environment …Any digital behavior that poses […]

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Cyberloafing is the newest office rage

Even though we are fighting to come out of the worst recession ever, employee productivity is at an all-time low.  Why and how is this possible?  To explain this I have a simple analogy: If I invite you in for a meeting and when you show up I open a bag of potato chips, you […]

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New York Times, Washington Post, & LA Times – HACKED!

Ugh.  This makes me sick.  New York Times, Washington Post, & LA Times, 3 of the largest, most respected (I guess that is subjective) newspapers in the world have been hacked.  How is this possible?  When you think about this for a second, it is almost silly.  These are organizations that have access to information and […]

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