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New York Times, Washington Post, & LA Times – HACKED!

Ugh.  This makes me sick.  New York Times, Washington Post, & LA Times, 3 of the largest, most respected (I guess that is subjective) newspapers in the world have been hacked.  How is this possible?  When you think about this for a second, it is almost silly.  These are organizations that have access to information and […]

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Data security is a myth

The only thing more sickening than hearing how “secure” a new software tool is, is watching someone else buy that tool.  Security, not just data security, is a myth.  It is an idea that we as human beings contrived to make us feel safe and keep us sane.  From 2001: A Space Odyssey to War […]

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eDiscovery Bubble

I wrote that “eDiscovery is doomed” the last time.  I am not excited to write this, but let me go more in-depth here.  I have posted a presentation on this, for those that like slide decks, but the cliff notes are here: Back in the day, Digital Forensics & eDiscovery were introduced to help level […]

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eDiscovery is Doomed

Over the past 12 months, The Lorenzi Group has seen some significant changes in the industry.  One of the most disturbing trends we have seen is the one where the clients pay more but get less.  I am very concerned (I will not use bold print here, but really want to) that the eDiscovery world […]

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A New Year Has Come

Welcome to 2013!  Thank you for being with us through 2012.  I hope everyone is as excited as we are here at The Lorenzi Group for the coming year.  We were able to wrap up 2012 and have been developing some new products and services I think clients and prospects will be interested in.  Keep […]

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