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Data Breach from the Inside Out

Learn how data breaches occur, what hackers are doing to steal data, and how to protect data.  

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ROAR in Real Like: Heartbeat Helper

What did ROAR see? 1. Someone logging into a user account 2. Someone going across the network to a shared drive 3. Someone changing the names of the files and saving the files locally< 4. Someone opening their email client and emailing the files (with names changed) to a webmail address

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Data security is a myth

The only thing more sickening than hearing how “secure” a new software tool is, is watching someone else buy that tool.  Security, not just data security, is a myth.  It is an idea that we as human beings contrived to make us feel safe and keep us sane.  From 2001: A Space Odyssey to War […]

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