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IAHSS Annual Conference was a hit.

IAHSS Annual Meeting was a success. Our presentation went well. I learned a lot while discussing cyber security and the future of crime in medical facilities and how to curb it.

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Do you like getting raises? Let employers search.

What’s the big deal about employers scanning data? Continuous monitoring creates stronger teams, happier employees, and safer work environments. If you like raises, start embracing data security.

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Cyberloafing is the newest office rage

Even though we are fighting to come out of the worst recession ever, employee productivity is at an all-time low.  Why and how is this possible?  To explain this I have a simple analogy: If I invite you in for a meeting and when you show up I open a bag of potato chips, you […]

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New York Times, Washington Post, & LA Times – HACKED!

Ugh.  This makes me sick.  New York Times, Washington Post, & LA Times, 3 of the largest, most respected (I guess that is subjective) newspapers in the world have been hacked.  How is this possible?  When you think about this for a second, it is almost silly.  These are organizations that have access to information and […]

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Data security is a myth

The only thing more sickening than hearing how “secure” a new software tool is, is watching someone else buy that tool.  Security, not just data security, is a myth.  It is an idea that we as human beings contrived to make us feel safe and keep us sane.  From 2001: A Space Odyssey to War […]

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