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IAHSS Annual Conference was a hit.

I was asked to speak at IAHSS this year and am glad I had the opportunity to do so.  I had a blast.

For those that do not know, IAHSS is the International Association of Hospital Security Services.  Members specialize in providing security services to medical care facilities and ensuring patient, employee, and vendor safety.  The issues they are dealing with today can be difficult to rationally comprehend.  Many of these people have had to step into tricky situations to subdue upset patients, visitors, and employees… all while also ensuring equipment and drugs are not being stolen.  What is most surprising… no maybe sad, is how many people come to the hospital with mal-intent.  Although the percentage is small, I was amazed at the stories of audacious individuals who view hospitals and other medical care facilities as an opportunity to steal, even plunder, goods and materials. It was a concept I hadn’t really though much about until this week.

Had a great time at IAHSS discussing the evolution of cyber security, data aggregation, and driving security through innovative decision-making.  Some of the topics we touched on include employee involvement in fraud and theft, utilizing Security Analytics for door access, gate access, and traffic flows, and potential risks and opportunities that Google Glasses, Bitcoin, and Personal Avatars will bring to their world.

It was a great time working with some hardcore professionals that were interested and willing to engage.  I hope I am asked back next year.


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