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Although we work with companies and law firms of all sizes, because of our pricing and level of service… and geographic location, we often work with small to mid-sized firms.  Often the smaller firms have access to less technology and are less sophisticated when it comes to eDiscovery.  And THAT is a shame.

There are so many tools and service providers out there today (way more than when we first got started in this business) that cater to the needs of all sizes of clients, not just the monster AM100’s.  The KEY to getting the law firms and the vendors to work together is understanding the real needs of the clients and designing innovative ways to service them.  In many of these firms “eDiscovery” is still a forbidden word.

Recently we have been working on different projects with LDM Global.  I know that The Lorenzi Group has worked with plenty of other service providers… in fact we consider our firm a conduit between vendors and clients, often acting as the “translator” for them as the work out services and pricing.  However, I am really enjoying working with Chris, Paul, Jen and their team over at LDM because they approach things in a very rational manner.  They have treated us in a highly professional manner, allowed some weight (read negotiations) to be thrown around, and been able to back up their responses with more than “because I said so”…. which, sadly is a response we hear from other vendors.

One of the offerings I like a lot is their Viewpoint offering.  I know that everyone has their preferences, but hear me out.  The small and medium-sized firms typically have small to medium-sized clients involved in small-to medium sized disputes (like… less than $250,000 – NOTE: see my previous post).  These firms and clients need services and tools that are easy to learn, easy to access, and reasonably priced.  The LDM Global team has figured this out with their Viewpoint offering.  Yes, LDM also has the “big boy” tools, the “we got Google (or Facebook or Apple) money” tools, the tools that need a PhD to be run too, but it is their easy to “load and go”, easy to “train your brain” tools that the small, more populous clientele want… and need.

What are you doing to make it easier to buy your services?

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