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Five reasons Internet Evidence Finder NEEDS to be in your digital investigation toolbox!

The INTERNET EVIDENCE FINDER™ (IEF) family of products are used across thousands of organizations globally by frontline personnel and forensic examiners to preview, recover and analyze internet communications for digital investigations. Renowned for their ease-of-use, simplicity and comprehensiveness, IEF Frontline, IEF Standard and IEF Triage are revolutionary tools that will allow your organization to build the best possible cases and investigations.


It’s almost a week since the marathon bombing and subsequent manhunt saga here in Boston came to it’s conclusion.  It was a tough week and there are a plethora of subjects that I could discuss such as CISPA or LulzSec.  However I don’t have it in me today…  Sooooo…. instead let’s explore a positive thought.

This morning I realized that my co-workers are growing tired of my rants about how “awesome and great” IEF is.  But it is… and I find myself to be consistently disappointed with most purchases of anything from anywhere.   When was the last time you were truly elated with a product or service?

So let me share with you my five reasons Internet Evidence Finder needs to be in your digital investigation toolbox.

Five reasons Internet Evidence Finder needs to be in your digital investigation toolbox.

Reason #1: Cost effective

IEF is fairly inexpensive to start when compared to other tools and as always a bit cheaper for LEO’s.   The tool is limited in scope as far as it really only examines Internet data, however I’ve heard the Internet is pretty popular so it’s probably worth a look.  The real cost savings is time.  IEF processes quickly and allows you to collect and aggregate most types of Internet data in one place.  This will save your time and your client’s money.

Reason #2: Easy and cool

IEF is very easy to use.  It feels just as complicated as it needs to be and has an easy learning curve.  It’s aesthetically pleasing and it’s actually kind of fun to use.

Reason #3: Updates

I have never seen a product with as many updates as IEF.  Not just bug fixes either… I’m talking real updates with new features and substance.  No less than three times have I said to myself “really, another update?  I just updated this… Ugh” only to notice a new feature almost immediately upon launching the program.  The updates only take a couple minutes and are worth every second.  These folks clearly take pride in their work.

Reason #4: Timeline

This is the newest feature and… IT. IS. GLORIOUS.  Unless of course you are not interested in being able know what happened and when in a nice easy to read visual format that anyone can understand in a matter of minutes.  And it that’s the case I would recommend exactly no digital forensic tools to you as you clearly don’t use them.


Reason #5: Reporting

IEF has all the reporting features you would expect and some you wouldn’t    The ability to create static “portable” cases for others to use as a review tool is awesome.  It also does spreadsheets if you like spreadsheets and honestly, who doesn’t?


IEF is a great product and I believe if we support great products than there will be more of them.  So that’s it.  Go to and get yourself a trial.

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