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Employees are scrambling, are employers ready?

More and more we are hearing from experts that the economy is getting better. I don’t know, I don’t see it. The projects we are seeing are either very large or pretty small, not much in between.

At the same time though, stories like this one are posted on Yahoo! Finance:

Basically, it points to a trend of employees surprising employers with letters of resignations. Is this trend real? IDK. What I do know is this:

  1. Employees that leave one company often go to a direct competitor
  2. When they don’t go to a direct competitor, they go to a soon-to-be competitor
  3. When they don’t go to a soon-to-be competitor, they go to a parallel industry where client lists, pricing, vendors, partners, next gen info, and more is relevant and will help them be the next company hero

I also know that most companies, even the smart ones, have no idea what information leaves with an employee. Oh, they think they know. Lines we hear all the time include:

  • She didn’t take anything. I trust her.
  • He is a computer idiot. There is no way he took anything. Seriously Rob, I had to explain to him what a thumbdrive was!
  • There is nothing he had access to that was confidential.
  • There is nothing she would have wanted when she left.
  • Employees can’t steal anything; I put superglue in their USB ports! (NOTE: it was few years ago, but I really heard this statement!)

The fact is, employers can’t be watching every click of the mouse. It would drive them insane. They would become paranoid and begin to think that everyone on their team was out to “get” them.


Does it Matter?
Does it matter if data leaves the company? The short answer is “Yes.”
There is a ton of data out there. Much of it is public and can be downloaded by anyone off the Internet. However, this is often NOT the data that employees leave with. Most often, employees leave with information that will help them excel in their next position. They bring with them information that creates some level of competitive advantage. Examples could be: financial statements, patient records, test results, next generation plans, strategy, new marketing material, business valuations, pricing, customer lists, and more.
This happens ALL THE TIME.

Data loss is one of the reasons why we developed Lorenzi ROAR. Lorenzi ROAR will help employers lock down data, inform employers when data is moving (to a thumbdrive, to the cloud, to an FTP server… and even to a printer), and seamlessly keep the data in check so that everyone can work more efficiently and with less stress.

To wrap up:
If the economy starts to improve, employees are going to leave.
If the economy gets worse, employers will need to trim some of the remaining workforce.
Either way, confidential data will leave the company.

Lorenzi ROAR does many things, but one thing it does well is keep employers informed on where data resides and who has access to it. If you are looking to solve this problem, give us a call.

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