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eDiscovery is Doomed

Over the past 12 months, The Lorenzi Group has seen some significant changes in the industry.  One of the most disturbing trends we have seen is the one where the clients pay more but get less.  I am very concerned (I will not use bold print here, but really want to) that the eDiscovery world is in a bubble.  Back in November, I was at a conference where a US federal judge made the statement that cases with less up to $150,000 were dead.  He felt that cases smaller than $150,000 cost more to litigate with all the digital forensics, eDiscovery, and expert witness charges than the case itself.  Later that month, I attended another conference where a judge suggested the bench would no longer be seeing cases that were less than $250,000!  Think about this.  Judges are coming to the opinion that the cost of eDiscovery is so high, that cases worth less than a QUARTER of a MILLION Dollars are being priced out of the lawsuit game.  By the way, most lawsuits are for matters less than $250,000.

Are you concerned?

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