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Data security is a myth

The only thing more sickening than hearing how “secure” a new software tool is, is watching someone else buy that tool.  Security, not just data security, is a myth.  It is an idea that we as human beings contrived to make us feel safe and keep us sane.  From 2001: A Space Odyssey to War Games to Disclosure to Live Free or Die Harder to Firewall, we keep seeing examples in movies of technology and data security gone wrong.  But, as it is with human nature, we all walk away form the movie believing that what we just watched is impossible.  Unfortunately, that belief is not true and wrong.

Society’s idea of data security is broken, it is wrong.  PR, Marketing, & Advertising will have us believe that there is a “silver bullet”, a lone product, out there that can do the job.  But THAT idea is the problem.  There is no quick fix.

  • Is Antivirus important? Yes.  Will Antivirus stop the bad guys (and gals)? No.
  • Does every company need a firewall? Yes. Will a firewall protect you from hackers? No.
  • Should companies be incorporating IDS/IPS into their systems? Yes.  Is it a guarantee to stop data theft? No.
  • Ok, what about Lorenzi ROAR?  Am I saying that Lorenzi ROAR will stop the bad guys and protect your data? No.  Not even Lorenzi ROAR can protect you from everything.

The idea behind ROAR it that it is not a “set it and forget it” solution.  ROAR is a organic service that continually develops with the organization.  ROAR offers security because it is continuously monitoring, not in spite of it.  But, let me caution you, ROAR takes time, and effort, and needs a willingness from the client to engage.  Can ROAR stop every potential threat? I would love to say “YES!”, but the real answer is we don’t know.  In fact, no one knows.  No one knows what ROAR can and can’t stop because no one has seen the next wave of threats, or the ones after that, or the ones that will be here in 10 years.  What we DO know is that continuous monitoring and security analytics, whether you are using ROAR or some other solution, will improve your security BECAUSE it is ever evolving in real-time.

What’s the next threat YOU see on the horizon?

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