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Cyberloafing is the newest office rage

Even though we are fighting to come out of the worst recession ever, employee productivity is at an all-time low.  Why and how is this possible?  To explain this I have a simple analogy:

If I invite you in for a meeting and when you show up I open a bag of potato chips, you and I will eat the whole bag of chips.  We know this because it is human nature and we’ve all done this hundreds of times while watching the football game or late-night movie while sitting on the couch.  If instead, when you come in for a meeting I pour some, but not all, of the potato chips into a bowl, you and I will only eat what is in the bowl.

What does a bag of potato chips have to do with cyberloafing?  Well, when it comes to analogies, everything.

The Internet and social media have turned employees into “Googling Zombies”.  With access to a vast amount of information at ridiculously fast speeds, employees care now tempted to “quickly” search the web for something they need, like an MS Excel macro to help them do their job… or want, like a new job or vacation form their new job.

The problem is that today’s technology is mostly un-regulated and un-monitored by employers, leaving little to be analyzed.  However, studies show that all this surfing is making employees less happy and less productive.

For years, Lorenzi has offered our ROAR continuous monitoring and security analytics service, not to punish employees, but to help protect corporate data while encouraging employees to improve their productivity.  Can Lorenzi ROAR be used as a stick to punish workers? It can.  Can it be used as a dynamic tool to help employees streamline their work while reducing office stress? It should.

Until employee productivity is examined closely and positive steps are put in place to improve productivity, cyberloafing is here to stay.  If you need more from your employees and want to reduce your bottom-line, Lorenzi ROAR can offer the deep insight you need to determine how to improve your business and your employees’ lives.

Please share.  How is your company addressing cyberloafing?

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