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Lorenzi ROAR in Real Life

Data Breach from the Inside Out

Learn how data breaches occur, what hackers are doing to steal data, and how to protect data.  

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ROAR in Real Life: Picture Perfect

In this matter an employee violated a company policy and because of it, Picture Perfect lost out on potential revenues and a new client. If allowed to continue moonlighting, not only would Ima Geork be taking business away from Picture Perfect, Ima Geork was not completing his own work, further harming Picture Perfect.

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ROAR in Real Like: Heartbeat Helper

What did ROAR see? 1. Someone logging into a user account 2. Someone going across the network to a shared drive 3. Someone changing the names of the files and saving the files locally< 4. Someone opening their email client and emailing the files (with names changed) to a webmail address

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