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Posts by Jason Dana

Jason Dana
Hockey player, husband, stats geek, analyst, and shot caller.

Five reasons Internet Evidence Finder NEEDS to be in your digital investigation toolbox!

http://www.magnetforensics.com: The INTERNET EVIDENCE FINDER™ (IEF) family of products are used across thousands of organizations globally by frontline personnel and forensic examiners to preview, recover and analyze internet communications for digital investigations. Renowned for their ease-of-use, simplicity and comprehensiveness, IEF Frontline, IEF Standard and IEF Triage are revolutionary tools that will allow your organization to […]

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How will companies protect their data once Google Glass hits the mainstream?

As many people are aware are currently Google’s new product Google Glass is preparing to change the way people interface with technology… forever.  There are plenty of folks more knowledgeable in the specific s than I so I will leave the specifics to them. Given that this is about as broad a subject as you […]

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The blog entry my boss told me to write this morning

So Rob Fitzgerald sends me an article this morning and asks tells me to blog about it.  See, he’s my boss so he can do that.  My initial reaction (as always, to anything) is one of skeptical interrogation.  He sends me two dozen articles a day so I asked myself “why this one?”   I immediately […]

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